SikaTite BE Bitumen Emulsion

SikaTite BE Bitumen Emulsion

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SikaTite-BE is a water based bitumen membrane emulsion modified with acrylic latex polymers. It can be applied as a waterproof membrane, sealant, protective coating or adhesive. It is designed for use underground, internal and immersed areas.

SikaTite-BE is suitable for use in commercial, residential, industrial, rural and automotive applications. Waterproofing applications include:

Retaining walls. Cellars and basements.
Planter boxes. 
Ponds, tanks and water features.

Gutter repairs. Roofing. Silos.

Repair of existing bitumen surfaces and membranes. SikaTite-BE can also be mixed with sand and cement to create waterproof screeds, renders, fillets and fillers. SikaTite-BE is suitable for application to common building substrates including concrete, render, masonry, fibre cement, sheet, timber, clay brick, concrete block, aerated concrete, asphalt, treated metal and existing bitumen.