SikaFloor Epoxy Booster 5Kg

SikaFloor Epoxy Booster 5Kg

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Accelerator / booster additive for dosing to epoxy systems.


  • As an accelerator for Sikafloor-160 -161-264 and Sikafloor-94.
  • As an accelerator for Sikadur 31 – 32 and 33 epoxy mortars and pastes


  • Min. substrate temperature +10°C.
  • Max. substrate temperature +25°C.
  • Max. relative humidity 85%.
  • Observe dew point.
  • Substrate moisture content less than 4% or use Sikafloor EpoCem.
  • Only apply to mineral substrates.
  • A-component must be well mechanically stirred before being proportioned and mixed.
  • Sikafloor-Epoxy Booster used with any sealer top coats system will discolour in UV light.


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