Sikadur 52 Normal 450ml Twin Ctg Pack

Sikadur 52 Normal 450ml Twin Ctg Pack

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Epoxy Repair Product

Sikadur-52 is a low viscosity, free flowing and fast curing injection resin and primer/coating based on a 2 component solvent free epoxy resin; ideally suited to a wide range of building and civil engineering applications where highly penetrative material is required. It is available in two grades, Normal and Long Potlife for moderate and high ambient temperatures, respectively.


Sikadur-52 may be used to inject and fill cracks between 0.2 - 5 mm wide in a wide variety of constructions applications. Sikadur-52 does not shrink on curing and forms a rigid, high strength product which exhibits excellent adhesion to most construction materials enabling the restoration of structural adequacy to columns, beams, foundations, decks and water retaining


Due to its highly penetrative nature Sikadur-52 is ideally suited for application as a primer beneath Sikadur epoxy mortars or Sikafloor mortars and coatings on dense substrates. Sikadur-52 may also be used to stabilise weak and friable substrates. Special high strength grades can be made to order.


  • Shrink free
  • Insensitive to moisture during application, cure or whilst in service
  • Applicable over wide temperature range
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials even when damp
  • Proven in service
  • High tensile and flexural strength
  • Supplied in factory proportioned units
  • High early strength
  • Chemical resistant


Part A – Semi-Transparent (pale yellow), Part B – Transparent (pale brown)

Mixed product pale straw colouration