Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder (633)

Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder (633)

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Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder (633) is a solventless, non-sag epoxy paste which can be used in vertical or overhead applications. When combined with graded sand, it produces a stiff mortar for larger volume applications.

Suitable for general construction and industrial applications demanding high structural integrity and protection against the ingress of chlorides which results in the degradation of concrete and concrete cancer.

Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder (633) can be used to bond steel and timber to concrete and can also be used in overhead and verticle applications in splash zones. Also suitable for concrete repairs where moisture is present.

Meets AS/NZS 4020:2005 for contact with potable water.