Masterseal 333

Masterseal 333

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MasterTop 333 - Dust arresting and hardening treatment

How does MasterTop 333 work?

MasterTop 333 is a deep penetrating silicate solution for sealing and dust-proofing powdery or friable concrete and concrete block surfaces.

Recommended for:

  • Old concrete floors that are dusting
  • Powdery or friable concrete that is dusting due to inadequate curing and/or low cement content and concrete block work with friable surfaces
  • New concrete surfaces to seal against oil, grease and many chemical solutions. Not suitable for clay bricks or pavers

What makes MasterTop 333 a unique solution?

MasterTop 333 increases the durability and resistance to abrasion thereby protecting concrete surfaces by sealing and hardening.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 333?

  • Dust arresting treatment – binds the surface of old or new concrete to reduce dusting
  • Prolongs the serviceable life of "problem" concrete floors before re-topping is required - deep penetrating liquid hardener
  • Dense surface - resists penetration of oil and grease. Protects concrete from the corrosive effects of smoke fumes, mild acids, salts and many other aggressive chemical solutions
  • Economical – large areas can be dustproofed with an application