Crack Repair Epoxy Primer / Sealer (123)

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EPIREZ 123 is a 100% solids low viscosity 2 part epoxy primer. It has been specially formulated to provide excellent surface wetting and compatability with other EPIREZ products including binders, coatings and adhesives to ensure the provision of a complete system solution.

As part of a system, EPIREZ 123 may also be applied as a sealer to help reduce the absorption of suface spills. The sealing properties facilitate bonding to damp or dry surfaces and will in many cases also lock down contaminants.

  • Solventless
  • Low viscosity, aids penetration, capillary action for crack sealing
  • Extremely low permeability
  • Fast hardening
  • Primer for porous concrete and sealer for epoxy coatings
  • Anti-flash rust primer for blasted steel
  • Impregnation of honeycombed concrete
  • Repairing of cracked and honeycombed concrete